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MÁQUINA | lauralvarado




Máquina presents, during the SCHMUCK / Munich Jewellery Week 2013, the work of fourteen jewellery-makers eager to explore the potential of achieving new contemporary jewellery styles. They translate their creative ideas into tangible pieces of adornment by merging a range of modern production techniques with traditional craftsmanship methods to materialise their vision.

Curated by: Laura Alvarado & Maryvonne Wellen


Anne Achenbach (DE)

Laura Alvarado (COL/DE)

Maren Düsel (DE)

Ariane Ernst (DE)

Beate Eismann (DE)

Casey Fenn (UK)

Silke Fleischer (BE)

Phylicia Giljsame (NL)

Christina Karababa (GRC/DE)

Daniel Michel (DE)

Denise Reytan (DE)

Karin Maisch (DE)

Vivian Meller (DE)

Maryvonne Wellen (NL)





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